October 14, 2006

Saving cash photo blogging with shozu

More mobile tips for you.. well I finally got Shozu loaded correctly on my mobile.. woohoo! I've been trying to get it right for several months now. The problem I had was with the WAP download service setup on my device. I managed to get around it by getting a .SIS file downloaded directly to my PC and then installing from there rather than directly from the device OTA. Anyway, if you use flickr, or moblog photos from your camera phone (you do have a camera phone right???) then Shozu is a must have. The application is free and it crunches your data for efficient distribution to community sites like flickr, Kodak easyshare, webshots and others. You can even configure shozu for efficient sending to FTP sites, your blog or via email. Of note, I have noticed recently that configuring apps like this for Blogger (Beta) is not possible. The problem seems to be that with Beta a user (like me) can own a number of blogs. The configuration setup of third party apps seems to freak out when trying to ping Blogger Beta for the setup... darn! Just as well I guess as the last time I was uploading photos directly to the blog from my phone the planet geospatial news feed was totally freaking out (a guaranteed way to get James out of bed ;0). So, the long and short of it is check out shozu.com to save on those nasty data charges from your mobile provider... it cost me about $100 in roaming data charges last time I photo blogged from the ESRI UC.. ouch! You can check out my flickr blog at http://www.flickr.com/photos/gisuser/

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