November 20, 2006

GPS data logger integration with Google Earth

Telespial Systems is providing government agencies from around the world the tools needed to help manage and deploy asset and geographical data during times of emergency. According to the company, the Trackstick line of products are rapidly becoming the standard GPS data collection tool for local and federal government agencies across the globe. The Trackstick Pro is an advanced GPS data logger capable of continuously recording its own location histories for extended periods of time and coolest of all it integrates with Google Earth for some interesting results and uses. The Trackstick Pro records Date, Time, Location, Speed, Direction, Altitude, Signal Strength and Temperature. All information can be instantly “dumped” via the included USB cable and software. For more on this see


Anonymous said...

See this free tool:

Freudian Slip said...

That's pretty cool. I still can't get over how neat google earth is. I just love looking at my town. Using it this way makes a lot of sense.