November 03, 2006

National Association of Realtors urging consumers to buy now... gee, there's a surprise!

From the off-topic section... a PR item today caught my eye and reminded my why I can't stand the entire real estate industry. you know, the self-policing establishment that can scare the consumer into reacting just the way they want you to! Get this one... National Association of Realtors(R) is launching a national campaign to urge home buyers who have been waiting tobuy the home of their dreams to act now before the market changes. So in short... adding more panick to the current hype surrounding the changing real estate market, their campaign is focused on "informing" the consumer that they better buy now... or else! Realtors advising people they better buy... gee, there's a headline for you. Makes about as much sense as the realtors that are constantly wanting their clients to drop their prices for a quick sale... of course they want a quick sale but do they care about YOU taking a $10k or $20k hit? Information about NAR is available at

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