November 28, 2006

Outta here and a shout out!

This will likely be my last post for a few days as the moving truck is now in the drive way. A big shout out to Canadian Tire! I never was too big on them until yesterday when an awesome sales clerk hooked me up with some sweet winter SUV Tires (last 4 in the store!) He then squeezed me in to get them installed and gave me 30% off the total bill... amazing... Canadian Tire, you guys rock! I'm outta here... PS: forecast here today was for cold and sunny... as I look outside its cloudy and snowing still... I hope the online highway condition report is a bit more accurate ;0) Anyone interested in reaching us at GISuser, no worries, simply remember to address any PR or important news to pressatgisuserdotcom - Glenn

1 comment:

Tim Hibbard said...

Good luck!
You are moving to Colorado, right? There is a GPS blogger named David Starr that lives in Colorado Springs if I remember right.