December 09, 2006

another short update from CO

Well, another short update on my absence... I'm getting settled into my new office and home here in beautiful Fort Collins, CO. The weather has been amazing and the people are awesome and friendly! I haven't been out to seen anything yet as I've been swamped with setting things up but hopefully that will come soon! I'm now a self-taught expert in setting up a secure wireless network (after hours of frustration). I'm still amazed at how simple it was coming into the US regarding the immigration people (although I do have a fair bit of experience at it now and likely have a lengthy history which no doubt helps my case!). IT is funny though how the biggest concern to immigration is the importation of vehicles.. its absolutely amazing! My car was actually bought in the US so it was a no-brainer, however, for most people its the biggest head-ache.. very strange. I've got a few more boxes to unpack and about 4000 email to go through so it should keep me going for the week-end. Any of you Colorado-based readers out there in my area, feel free to drop me a line at glennatgisuserdotcom... its always nice to meet some colleagues and to start networking in the local area.

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Mike said...

Welcome to Ft Collins!