December 21, 2006

Fort Collins Closed!

So, what's closed here in Fort Collins today... schools, all government offices, shopping malls, medical centers, CSU, yadayadayada... no mail delivery, no paper etc... essentially the town is closed although GISuser is open and operational ;0) Check out my neighbors house... hey dude, there's no trash pick up today either. I have to admit, as long as you don't need to go anywhere this dump of snow has been a blast! It reminds of the great snowfall of 1996 on Vancouver Island although that shut-down lasted about a week... I suspect we'll be up and running later today if not tomorrow morning... I just hope our new waher and dryer gets delivered soon as the laundry is piling up. Oh well, could be worse... I could be sitting at DIA!

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Jennifer Tiernay said...

Aloha! We moved from Redfeather Lakes about four years ago. Both Ron and I worked in Fort Collins! Wow, now I look at it and how lucky I am to live in Hawaii!!! LOL! Happy Holidays, Glenn or Mele Kalikimaka is Merry Christmas in Hawaiian.