February 13, 2007

DWF Toolkit, DWFx, and more on the Autodesk 2008 suite

I'm currently in San Fran. attending an Autodesk PR event introducing us to the latest in the 2008 product suite. Of interest to me is the introduction of DWFx and following the evolution of DWF and where the supporting products (ie. Design Review) are heading. Unfortunately i missed AU a couple of months ago but it looks like the products are all starting to roll out now. DWFx essentially enables users to access design data from within IE without the need for any additional software etc... no downloads! The app is not as robust (rich) as design review but offers a fast and effective solution. For more detailed comments and information about the latest Autodesk solutions i suggest you check out what Scott Sheppard's Beyond the Paper blog - http://dwf.blogs.com/beyond_the_paper/ - see also http://www.autodesk.com/dwftoolkit to access the latest DWF toolkit. For more on the 2008 products see also http://www.autodesk.com/preview2008

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