February 02, 2007

Garmin to air TV commercial during Super Bowl XLI on February 4

Once again, GPS is going prime time.. this time with a featured spot in an ad during Super Bowl. Looks like location has been a pretty lucrative technology recently if this is any indication. Industry-heavyweight Garmin has scored big and will be airing a 30 second TV ad this week-end on superbowl Sunday. The ad will feature Garmin Man and a Maposaurus! The theme of the commercial is "Grab your Garmin, Take on the World" – demonstrating how Garmin personal navigation devices can save the everyday consumer time, money, and hassles. Taken to the extreme, the commercial is a humorous 1960s-style sci-fi piece. The commercial's quirky low-tech production treatment is in playful contrast to Garmin's cutting edge GPS technology and other advertisers' use of complex computer effects. Catch the ad on Sunday.. oh.. and GO COLTS!!! You can see some images of garmin man and maposaurus here

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