February 08, 2007

Online Survey - GIS for natural hazards

Lucy Stanbrough, a final year student at the University of Hertfordshire, is undertaking her dissertation into the use of online GIS for natural hazards.  According to Stanbrough, to date there have been no studies that that aim to identify and compare content providers assessment and provision of user needs against actual user needs on a global multi-hazard level, which could provide a valuable piece of research in this burgeoning field. She's looking to do a survey of users and content providers to determine what is currently available from provider’s verses what users to like to see made available. The Online GIS Users questionnaire should take more than 10-15 minutes to complete and the Online GIS Content Providers questionnaire no more than 30 minutes. Any details provided will be held in the strictest confidence and only non personal information will be used in the research findings. To take part in her survey jump to www.the-online-gis-survey.co.uk

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