March 20, 2007

GIS for Mobile for Food Safety - a solution for the pet food recall perhaps?

An interesting application turns up in light of the recent pet food recall - GIS / GPS tracking for mobile food safety. SABI (short for Serveon Advanced Business Intelligence) Mobile for Food Safety is a GPS-enabled wireless data management tool that is ideal for the collection, storage and sharing of food safety-related data, whether in processing, shipping or other related locations. It gives organizations the ability to rapidly observe and measure customizable business data. It is sold on a subscription basis and hardware is free with a two-year commitment. SABI Mobile allows all customers to configure their specific information centrally on Serveon’s secure servers, and the unit offers near real-time reporting, GIS mapping tools and other features, including an online measurement calculator, a Web-based shape file export engine, the ability to view data as individual layers, a new hand zoom and panning feature, full color aerial photographs that can be zoomed to 1 meter, and a radius plotting tool. An interesting application and likely will receive some attention given the recent scare in the pet food industry. See more at

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