March 20, 2007

Google Phone to feature LBS application as killer feature?

I have to admit, I'm still on the fence as to really believe that Google would actually release a phone but hey, stranger things have happened! In an interesting read, one website has tracked down a recent patent application from Google that seems to suggest the company is planning to package a proprietary LBS solution that may be the big attraction designed to lure customers to the google phone.. should it ever ship. Essentially, the application would "think" and search for you based on your location and the time of the day.. and also on your habits. Imagine, at 7:00 AM your phone would automatically search out traffic information to help with your morning commute. then at noon it would search for a sushi bar (maybe only on Tuesdays because that's sushi day!).. you get the idea. For more on this see (referenced by Ed Parsons

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