March 01, 2007

Need Wi-Fi? Try this new database with more than 180,000 hotspots

Ever been on the road and in need of Wi-Fi? No doubt you have so this database will likely be useful to many of you. Given the proliferation of WiFi enabled cell phones and the increasing reliance on mobility by most of us this is a handy utility. Spotigo boasts some 180,000+ hotspots in their database and in a test run it appears to be so. Simply select a country, then a town and wait for the database to load. You can then pull hotspot information by carrier (e.g.. perhaps you have a Sprint account etc...) The database is a bit of a pig due to its size but the results are definitely adequate and useful. Remember, WiFi doesn't mean access is free so beware of fees that may be involved. Most major carriers offer monthly plans and are a great alternative for those of you that constantly pay for web access from your hotel room. See

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