April 11, 2007

Is that a Nokia N95 smartphone In your Pocket or Are You Just Happy to be Mapping!

Nokia has come up with another clever promotional effort, giving users and potential users a chance to win their latest device - the Nokia N95 - equipped with the popular, free Maps2Go (aka. Nokia Maps). Sporting integrated GPS, loads of memory, quad band functionality, and a 5 megapixel camera, this devie is being hyped a the coolest mapping-enabled smartphone on the shelves. If you want one you can lieneup at a Nokia store in Chicago or New York, otherwise, enter this contest by uploading a short video with a clip about something in your pocket. The idea here is that having an N95 in your pocket is the equivalent of toting around many things - think mobile swiss army knife! Symbianone reports on this - see http://www.symbianone.com/content/view/4390/108/

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