April 05, 2007

Navdog enables mapping any event that has a geographic location - and its free

Have you heard of NavDog yet? It's a cool social networking map service for listing any event that has a geographic location. Navdog is a clever social mapping application that enables users to search and locate events and other local happenings. Users are requested to setup a simple profile and login sequence and setup their "home" location. Once created, the user then simply logs in and local events are presented. Browse events, register as a member, create a list of saved events, add and create your personal event listings. At first glance it seems very useful for sharing information about a concert, sporting event, open house etc... however, think a bit more and you can provide details of real estate listings, or maybe full conference details and schedule... savvy users are even providing coupons and other promotional material with their listings.. .cool! Best of all, the application is free. Detailed info on this app can be found in this write up (some comments provided from the creator)  - see http://www.gisuser.com/content/view/11198/55/ or jump directly to navdog.com

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