April 04, 2007

Nokia releases SDKs to ease the pain for C and Linux developers - migrate with ease to S60

For mobile application developers and those creating LBS apps this is huge! If you develop application and program in C or Linux then your gonna love the new SDKs just released by Forum Nokia. The Open C plug-ins have been developed to ease the migration pains typically experienced by developers looking to port their apps to a mobile environment. The tools enable C and Linux developers to port their apps to the Symbian OS (think World's most popular mobile OS) all without any need for special programming skills etc...  This comes from Nokia... "By making the Open C SDK Plug-In available, Nokia is helping to greatly broaden the potential pool of developers who will be essential in creating compelling applications for the next generation of smart phone devices," said Lee Epting, vice president, Forum Nokia, Nokia's global developer program. "Because Open C libraries are built on open-source projects, developers who need to design and implement large application bases to run on several operating systems, will now find it easier to write portable code for Symbian OS based devices. The increase in developer productivity from Open C will drive exciting new opportunities for S60 application development" For more info see http://www.forum.nokia.com/openc or see the full announcement at http://www.lbszone.com/content/view/1804/2/

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