April 02, 2007

Openwave misses the boat on LBS spotlight

Maybe I missed something but last week at the Navteq LBS Challenge I noted that there were several apps powered by solutions from Openwave (www.openwave.com) including the PocketCaster GPS app that was selected as the grand prize winner. What was a little off though was that all the major sponsors (ESRI, deCarta, Autodesk, Nokia, and Openwave) appeared to have reps in attendance and even had literature strategically placed on tables.. makes sense. However, on one table with an Openwave logo there was a holder with no brochures, no nothing. Perhaps there was an openwave rep in the room but if there was he/she was hard to locate... pretty strange, particularly since their solutions powered several apps. Perhaps a press announcement will hit their website soon although as of today there was nothing.. talk about missing the boat!

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