April 23, 2007

Peter Batty - the most recent ex-Intergraph exec - hangs his shingle at GeoThought

Looks like more familiar faces have departed Intergraph.. this time its CTO Peter Batty (I'm not sure if I actually recognize anyone left at the company any more!). After 18 months at the company Batty has left to ponder his future... looks like for now he'll be blogging and chasing opportunities... sounds to me like he's chasing the same adventure that Ed Parsons did (recall Ed just recently joined Google). Batty has made several references to using Google's technologies ... maybe he'll be joining Ed as a Googler - although he does reference the idea of perhaps starting a new venture. Good luck to Peter and be sure to let us know when you get a new gig! You can follow Petter via his "GeoThought" blog - http://geothought.blogspot.com/

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