April 02, 2007

A useful tutorial on how to write a press announcement

I know, I've mentioned this one before, however, it never seems to get old. this useful document on how to write a press release is very clear and makes loads of sense. If you issue news and need to help then this is an excellent read. IT never seems to amaze me that news releases continually come my way, many of them often have one or more of the following problems: no clear point (ie. make sure you really have an announcement), no contact info provided, no website www listed, using ALL CAPS (this drives me nuts!), using subjective catch phrases (yaya, we know how great you are), sent as a PDF or ZIP file (ASCII txt works very well). See the tutorial at An H-1B is an alien coming temporarily to performservices in a specialty occupation. See http://www.wikihow.com/Write-a-Press-Release

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