May 16, 2007

Canadian Association of Geographers, Geography Awareness week and GIS Day - an update

The Canadian Association of Geographers is developing a national program to increase geography awareness in every region. According to Dr. Barry Wellar, Director of Geography Awareness Week for the Canadian Association of Geographers, and Professor Emeritus at the University of Ottawa,  this is a major achievement and GAW 2007 in Canada is going to differ greatly from the majority of other GAW efforts. Dr. Wellar has shared with me some details of plans for the week, scheduled as usual for November (this year Nov 12-16). He notes... "since GIS is central to each of the Themes, the GIS topic not only has its own day, it also gets serious coverage during the other Days in an applications way that will be greatly appreciated by many Canadians." November 12 is Weather and Climate Day, November 13 is Water Day, November 14 is GIS Day, November 15 is Transportation Day, and November 16 is Food and Health Day. Each Day is on a topic that directly affects all Canadians. For more on GAW see

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