May 07, 2007

Event reminder - Autodesk road show - Experience the Possibilities Tour

Here's a reminder of a traveling road show from AutoDesk where you can see and hear about the 2008 product lineup... I've been to a few of these in the past and they are always a great way to get the latest from the company, it's free, and you get to schmooze with some local GISers as well... Autodesk Experience the Possibilities Tour - from the company... "Discover what it's like to experience your next project - all before anything is created in the real world. See how productivity can be increased, errors reduced and valuable time saved with new functions and smart applications. And get your specific industry questions answered by our experts." - Be sure to register in advance as they will fill up!
Future Dates:
May 8, 2007 Montreal, QC
May 9, 2007 Toronto, ON
May 11, 2007 Boston, MA
May 15, 2007 San Jose, CA
May 16, 2007 Anaheim, CA
May 17, 2007 Seattle, WA
June 5, 2007 Chicago, IL
June 7, 2007 Vancouver, BC
June 13, 2007 Winnipeg, MB
June 14, 2007 Edmonton, AB
June 15, 2007 Calgary, AB
June 19, 2007 Halifax, NS
June 21, 2007 Ottawa, ON
September 18, 2007 Atlanta, GA
September 19, 2007 Denver, CO
September 20, 2007 Phoenix, AZ
You can register at

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