May 04, 2007

GISuser Today from May 4, 07

Today at GISuser (from today's newsletter)... In the news today I'm pleased to share details of some very interesting GIS projects that were brought to my attention this week in the 2007 BE awards (that's pronounced "bee" awards, not "bee eee" awards) - see today's spotlight for more. Are you looking for Mashups? In a bit of a "Beta" test I've created this Google Mashup Search Engine... check it out, try a search for beer and see what you get! If you happened to visit GISuser yesterday you may have noticed the frontpage spotlight turned onto a cool app called GeoGarage. Simply put, the app is billed as the first geospatial image web server compatible with Google Maps and Google Earth - more info available HERE. Finally, are you linked in? In case you're new to the service Linked-In is an online professional network developed to help members stay in touch with colleagues and maybe even get in touch with work opportunities. It's an ideal way to maintain a backup of your contacts, partucularly useful if you happen to change or leave your job on short notice. Of interest to some of you is this document designed to help you make the most of Linked-In... enjoy! Finally, are you searching for Geospatial RFPs? Try this handy resource... a free trial is available to our users.. .Good Luck. Have a fun-filled Kentucky Derby Saturday is that's your cup of tea or Mint Julip! Today's GISuser newsletter is archived HERE

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