May 25, 2007

Google + Feedburner = $100,000,000

You may have already seen this, maybe not.. Google is scooping up yet another content provider and complementary resource to bolster its advertising revenues.. this time its feedburner. Recall Feedburner is a cool app that creates an RSS feed for content publishers. It's quite a handy app really, enabling publishers to get more eyes on their feeds. I find it really handy as a means of establishing a permanent home for my RSS feed. An example.. over at GISuser our CMS creates an RSS feed (see but what happens if we jump to a new CMS, move domains or ??? if we move our feed then all the efforts we put into promoting it and getting it indexed etc.. are for not. Using feedburner we create a permanent home for our feed at it actually uses our source to build the feedburn. Of note, according to speculation the deal is worth a whopping $100 mill! kaching... betcha wished you would thought of that one! See

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