May 29, 2007

Google Goes Live With Street View - Hanke at where 2.0

Today Google has announced Street View (recall specualtion on this the other day)... street-level mapping via google maps. I'm now listening to Google's John Henke show high-res imagery from San Fran (we're reading the words on street signs!)... from the presentation... Half the World’s population is now covered with high-res imagery… imagine, tribes in the Amazon rainforest mapping their resources suing Google Earth! Today Google has Announced Google Streetview – street level immersive cartography. Launching with 5 cities… see the new streetview icon (try San Fran for an example or check out the Google campus - you can see teh development team). Now you can start driving the streets of your favorite places enjoying high-res images providing an experience similar to walking the street - google is working with Immersive MEdia on this project - see more in this post. Henke is excited about the opportunities that are available to build something signifigant - a more comprehensive and inclusive map that we can all build together – a map of annotations, a map of sound. Geo has become integral to what many people are doing where we can view anything on a map.

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