May 22, 2007

HD View viewer from Microsoft Research's Interactive Visual Media group

A side note on something cool from Microsoft research - HD View is a new viewer developed by Microsoft Research's Interactive Visual Media group to aid in the display and interaction with very large images. From the team... HD View was developed with a number of goals in mind. It should:
allow smooth panning and zooming on large images, only download enough data to create the current view (and possibly look ahead to the next), and always display the current field of view with an appropriate projection. This means that when zoomed way in you should be presented with a standard perspective projection providing a sense of immersion, and when zoomed out you experience a curved projection so that get a full overview of the scene. In between the projection should smoothly transition. Finally, it should be easy to create your own HD View content and present it to the world via the web. Create your own HD View content - here's a very cool sample... Harlem-13-gigapixels A massive 13 Gigapixel panorama created by stitching 2045 12 Megapixel photographs - See details of HD View at

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