May 06, 2007

Intergraph out of Utility business - Batty sets the clueless straight!

I found this interesting - and amusing from Peter Batty regarding some industry speculation on his departure from Intergraph... this from Peter's Blog... "I have heard from my friends in the Intergraph utility team that competitive salespeople have been telling customers that I left Intergraph because they are pulling out of the utility business, and I just wanted to say that this is complete nonsense. The utility business is one of Intergraph's most profitable areas, and Intergraph has some strong momentum there right now and is very committed to the business"... imagine.. "industry" people actually thinking that Intergraph would be getting out of the utility business... sorry but if your one of those people that would actually think such nonsense then maybe give your head a shake (you might even consider a new line of work too since you're obviously out to lunch!)... See more on Peter's blog - - On a side note... the annual Intergraph Conference (sorry but the actual name of it escapes me as it seems to change names every year!) will feature Neil Armstrong as the keynote speaker.. how cool is that?

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