May 29, 2007

Listening to your Google Earth experience with Soundscapes

Imagine seeing and hearing wolves on your PC while you navigate in 3D through their natural environment, perhaps incorporating topo data layers and other images and data relevant to wolf habitat (watersheds, hydrographic features,elevation data etc…) Imagine seeing and hearing the sounds of the Galapagos, or humpback whales in Mauii, or perhaps adding sound to your experience while you navigate through Tanzania exploring Jane Goodall’s work in a 3D environment. The map has provide us with an immersive geographic experience but now with this vast collection of soundscapes we can all hear sounds from aournd the globe… even listening to now extinct wildlife habitats that were thought to be forever lost. Sound tells the truth… a soundscape is worth 1,000 pictures… this is very slick and I can’t wait to show this one to my kids – I think we’ll start by listening to a soundscape from Yellowstone Park! See - soundscapes have been recently profiled in the BBC and the New York Times

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