May 25, 2007

Metacarta Offers try before you buy via Labs on a Stick

This comes via the Metacarta Devsite (aka. Metacarta Labs) ..   a collection of demos which can be run with no external dependancies. With a MetaCarta Labs USB stick, you simply insert the USB drive into the USB port, and double click the 'run' script for your platform to start up a local web server. Platforms which have been tested are OS X, Linux, and Windows. See

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crschmidt said...

This isn't 'try before you buy' -- this is just a packaging of Open Source Software: FeatureServer, OpenLayers, TileCache. The GeoSearch distribution is also available from the MetaCarta Developers website -- but it still needs a GTS appliance to use it, and that GTS appliance is what MetaCarta sells. It's just that we've set up a demo server to show what is possible when you *do* buy that GTS.

The USB stick is only designed to make it easy to show off the Open Source stuff that MetaCarta Labs has done, and the GeoSearch demo is an addon to that. There's no 'buy' there: the software is free and open source.