May 18, 2007

More on the USGS Rolla office closure and consolidation in Denver

A reminder came my way from the USGS -- More from the RollaDailyNews regarding the USGS and their plans for the move... Despite a protest from the Denver U.S. Geological Survey team preparing its proposal to be the permanent home for the agency, the Rolla USGS team is moving forward to make its formal presentation on June 18... they continue - "Formerly, the USGS had four locations, one each in Reston, Va., Menlo Park, Calif., and the Denver and Rolla sites. Both the Virginia and California sites have since been closed. The closure of the Rolla office, which had been forecast last Sept. 31, was pushed back at least a year. Closing the Rolla facility would leave about 100 workers unemployed and result in a loss of $13.74 million in annual payroll." See

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