May 28, 2007

more rapid talks at where 2.0 - 30 proof adds sounds to KML

Loads of cool stuff here in the rapid sessions... Friends of the Urban Forest, a non-profit tree group dives into osgeo and the difference it makes. – education, community, project management, and mapping! Working with Autodesk, City of San Fran., and FUF. Fostering a community-based asset management system that is a cooperative effort of non-profits, and corporations… because it takes a lot of hands to make a city green! Taking a map and making it more than just images on a screen… one tree at a time.

30 proof is adding sounds to KML...
Pushing the limits of KML development. Data + maps = understanding
These guys are working with groups like the Wild Sanctuary, recording sounds of nature, and embedding them into KML making the sights and sounds available to users of Google Earth. Prototypes under development:
- sounding off with the national park service- see and hear your park experience.
- Understanding the war in iraq and collecting data from the conflict and share with users of Google Earth.
This is way cool - see (great name!) is now adding geography to their offerings... these guys were making geographic data available to the community (recall i spoke about this last week I think) data is uploaded bu users, downlaoded via KML if desired, and now viewable in a mapUI. Their mission - to liberate data!

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