May 04, 2007

A New Search Engine devoted to Google Mashups

The other day I decided to incorporate some of the fantastic links I have stored in my "goodie bag" and create a search utility that indexes only mashup and map mashing related resources. The results so far are very good and will enable you to easily search and locate mashups on any topic you like. Looking for a New York mashup? no worries.. how about beer or maybe sexual predators... no problem. Check it out and feel free to send me your favorite "mashup" links and I'll be glad to add them to the DB - Jump to the Mashup Search Utility HERE - somewhat related you can also try the GISuser Search Engine (4000+ sites indexed) - an awesome tool for locating free GIS data and quality hand selected GIS resources!


Greg said...

Hey Glenn,

Could you add my mashup to your database? It is videos embeded into a Google Map for the area around Felton, CA.

The site is...


Anonymous said...

Hi Glenn,

Could you add to your mashup dsatabase.

CLEER Impact is a freely-available public information tool. Using Google™ Maps API and powerful analysis capabilities, CLEER Impact lets anyone, anywhere, model and visualize what could happen in a variety of emergencies; Hazmat incidents that release chemical vapour into the air, tire or petrochemical fires that produce harmful smoke, and nuclear generating station incidents that discharge contaminated steam.