May 14, 2007

OnPoint + Virtual Earth extension = cool!

Canadian company, Orion Technology has just updated their flagship product, OnPoint - OnPoint 6 comes in two flavours, Standard Edition and Enterprise Edition, and can now connect to more spatial data sources including ESRI’s ArcIMS, ArcSDE, and ArcGIS Server, OGC (WMS & WFS), Microsoft MapPoint, Pictometry, and more.  It also connects to all non-spatial data in Oracle, SQL Server, and any other ODBC compliant database to allow user interaction. The Microsoft Virtual Earth extension to OnPoint provides users with a wealth of road network, landmark, oblique, and street level imagery that they do not need to build and maintain. A primary advantage is being able to overlay all locally managed GIS database content with Virtual Earth imagery, essentially allowing the user to click on the imagery and receive attributes through OnPoint’s GIS layers and joined business systems. The extension also offers the ability to route throughout road networks – searching with specific parameters in OnPoint and designating the results as Start/End points in routing using Virtual Earth. More info in the PR at

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