May 09, 2007

O'reilly on Live Software and what Would Google Do with all that data

Over on the Oreilly Radar, Tim has an interesting thread going on the topic of what would Google (and others) would or could do with the data they collect. Tim delves into this with a distinct focus on how Web 2.0 has changed the way that these web giants of today can and may use the data they collect.  See - when I read this it made me wonder about an old bank of mine - RBC (Royal Bank of Canada) I swear, these guys are so "with it" that they still use dot matrix printers in some branches (if you don't know what a dot matrix printer is then forget it... its a long story) and they enable their "clients" to have online access to a whopping 3 months of their banking history... what the hell is that all about? Sorry RBC, but get with it and give access to my entire history... surely with all the billions in revs you have each year you can hire a few developers can't you?? I wonder what they do with all the data they collect??? ok, I digress ;0)

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