May 29, 2007

Peer to peer with Leica Titan

Mladen Stojic from Leica Geospatial just provided me with an intro to Titan - Recall virtual GIS from Leica in 1996… delivering 3D content over the web. Enabling a networkof global users to search, view, or download data… bringing the gap in P2P data sharing. Think enable rapid sharing of geospatial data via a fast, peer-to-peer network.

Find, view, retrival… building a one stop network from local users and commercial data providers. Think about this.. see the NY State data clearinghouse and the USDA… data rich but tough to use for the novice. Trying to solve:
- connecting people

- make it simple to publish

- facilitate interaction and communication

- sharing data but retaining ownership rights

- enabling users to become local servers of data

- be standards compliant (WMS, WFS)

- move away from static 2D and towards 3D

The Vision – build an online collaborative network where authors become servers. Building an online dynamic digital earth. So what exactly is it? Think innovation via synthesis… think Napster via geospatial gateway… discover, share. Collaboration is facilitated via an Instant Messenger interface for discussion and a 3D Globe UI for discovery. Think Napster + MySpace + Google Earth + P2P = TITAN

Its publicly available web-based 3D client

A global network of users

Chat, discover, access, share, publish

The purpose – contribution and grow the network

It should be interesting to see who adopts this application and to see how its used, what kind or data is made available, and how people interract. Sharing data is free although a model is yet to be officially worked out (ie. some limits will likely apply) See

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