May 15, 2007

Twitter - is it me or is this boring? Although twittervision and flickrvision are sort of cool

Do you twitter? Twitter has received a fair bit of attention lately and there's some very cool apps built around it... but really.. what is the use of this??? Maybe I'm boring, or maybe I'm getting old.. but who the heck has the time to actually type in or text message what they are doing, posting it online and sharing details with a bunch of strangers... WHY?? So if I'm a skilled and passionate Twitterer then I would be constantly updating and interrupting my day by posting continuously... I'm now having a coffee... I'm now reading the paper... I'm now going to the bathroom... cool app but I really don't get it! Can you share with me a useful application of this? The coolest one I've seen is maybe twittervision which lets me be a voyeur and simply sit back and watch what people are doing.. once again, I have a life so this really isn't very interesting to me - see (there's also a similar app that does the same but with flickr updates - see - not familiar with Twitter.. see - I have to admit, I have a twitter account and I posted 3 times I think.. then I grew bored of it. I'm interested in the technology and I'm sure there's some talent behind the scenes but is there really a use and moreso, where's the business model? I see that twitter is hiring.. how do they pay the salaries?


James Fee said...

I can't tell if its boring or not. Just that everyone seems to be using it. I've not been too much into it as I'd rather blog, but it seems to have a title wave going right now

Anonymous said...


Just because you can doesn't mean it's worth doing.

I for one really don't care about the trivial details of the lives of the starry eyed techno kids chasing the latest technology fad, because it's K3wL. I. Just. Don't. Care.