May 29, 2007

Waking up at where 2.0

Just waking up and getting going here.. coffee is almost done (right on!) A reminder, you can catch all my photos from Where on the GISuser flickr - see also this "official" flickr titled x180. I see Mapquest has officially announced their new API today, the official PR is over at GISuser - FYI, To learn more about MapQuest Advantage API 5.1, visit or request an evaluation at The rapidfire sessions kick off at 9 today, I see tele Atlas is offering drive and ride trips in their familiar Orange data collection vans... I'll have to try and get a drive along - my tip for the day, be sure to check out geocommons WOW! PS - thanks to O'reilly for picking up on my coverage and giving the mention in their blog!

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