May 30, 2007

Where2.0 wrapping up

Where2.0 is close to wrapping up. One of the most confusing aspects of this event is no doubt the selection of presenters / speakers (ie. who gets selected to present) and how long they get on stage. Some presenters get 5 minute "lightning" slots and others get 15 minute blocks of time. As we wind down is seems apparent that many people are wondering how the final speaker manages to score a marathon 30 minute block of time. Nothing against the presenter or the topic "Where is "here" and what's mapping got to do with it" but how is it that she gets 30 minutes and Michael Jones gets only 15 minutes, Christian Dwyer (Mapquest) a mere 5 minutes.. what the hey... that's where2.0 for ya! Nice job Brady et al. FYI, Brady Forrest, conference chair informed me that there were some 200+ submissions by people wanting to present at this year's event. Keep this in mind if you plan on showing your stuff next year - it better be good!

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