May 21, 2007

With Bloggers like this from Nokia who needs a marketing team! Nokia N95 gets b$%^ slapped

I couldn't resist this one as I was browsing a thread that caught my eye - the title was "Convergence and Integration". The author then goes on to describe how non-useful his Nokia N95 was and how his preference for the iPod prevailed (pretty hard to believe if you ask me). Anyway, what's odd is that this blogger is posting on an "official" Nokia blog, yet ripping on the N95... I'm sure corporate is really pleased about that! Dameon also goes on about his dislike for flickr as well.. gee, what mobile apps does this guy like?? I guess the long and short of this post is that the iPod works and is simple to use and a breeze to get music on and off of - he obviously uses a Mac. I'm not really sure why the author has issues with moving data on/off of his N95... I've always found that the Nokia PC Suite seems capable of accomplishing all of that and then some - See the thread for yourself over at the S60 blogs

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