May 31, 2007

Work offline with Reader thanks to Google Gears

Imagine working offline without missing a hitch... enter Google Gears.

Recall one year ago Google web toolkit – write in tools that your familiar with and deploy with relative ease. Recently a milestone with 1 millionth download. But, there’s some limits with AJAX.. ie. When you aren’t online (say using your PC on a plane) this is where google gears comes into play as your users can work in offline mode – gears is BSD license (open source)… take your applications offline… “we want this to be a standard for developers”

More on Gears… works on all major platforms… suitable for everyone’s needs. This launch reflects google’s thinking – want it to be an evolutionary approach. Evolutionary from a end user standpoint – enable you to use your app when you’re offline. Developers can continue using their existing skills.

Google reader offline is launched at the same time as well Use gears to sync all of your feeds… they are now available for viewing offline… SWEET!!! Demo… in offline mode (not web) use reader to look at your feeds.. use all the functionality and next time you go online your edits and updates are synched. Not using Google reader yet? Check it out and sync your favorite feeds. For more on this see

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