June 04, 2007

Apple iPhone launch date set for june 29 - iPhone or N95 which one do you want??

Coming June 29.. the much anticipated Apple iPhone... do you want one? Loads of hoopla surrounding this one although is it really a big deal? I'm a bit skeptical about this mainly due to the high price tag. I've been a user of Nokia's high-end Symbian smartphones for several years now and so its not really a big deal to me that Apple is coming out with this device. Obviously the recent news about Apple's iTunes store now serving up DRM-free music downloads makes sense now doesn't it? Mind-you, Apple could do some serious damage to Nokia's efforts to penetrate the North American market - particularly the young, hip crowd (with cash!) Speaking of cash, bring some cash with you when you go to buy this one as it will come with a serious price tag. If music is the big selling point of this one then will it be worth it? Gee, you can already grab a device like a Nokia 5300 music phone from AT&T... a sweet music phone with great MP3 player, loads of memory and its cheap - no doubt one of the best "low-end" mobile devices on the market today! So what will it be.. an Apple iPhone or a more sensible choice like a Nokia N95?
See HERE for more on the iPhone release - see also http://www.apple.com/iphone/ - see video clip below showing an iPhone being used by Google CTO Michael Jones at Where2.0

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Mars Sjoden said...

I'm holding out for the iPhone. The developement possibilities for this unit really excite me. I am not sure why the N95 is a sensible choice, but I'm always willing to embrace good technology if it helps in my daily tasks.