June 19, 2007

Enhancements in ArcGIS at 9.3 and simple mashup creation, and Publish SOAP, REST and OGC services

ArcGIS Server 9.3, the next version of the popular app will be an incremental release… support for integrated security, better cashing, more options in building apps and simple mashup applications, deploy REST services… and more! Some random notes from the session:

Enhancement – map tips

Enhanced printing support – print tool in web app

More access to web developers – expands the ways you can build apps… Javascript API for mashup style apps (new at 9.3). AJAX enabled web App Dev Framework for advanced web services… Publish SOAP, REST and OGC services.

.Net web ADF

- full integration with ASP .Net AJAX

- client side javascript Object Model that works with server side ASP .Net web controls

- enhanced task results, identify and map tips

- IDE integration for Eclipse and NetBeans

At 9.3 ArcGIS Server brings New javascript APIs

- combine your organization’s GIS content hosted in ArcGIS Server with content from Virtual Earth or from Google Maps, or ArcGIS online – powered by backend ArcGIS Server REST services.

- Done by writing a javascript enabled webpage hosted on your web server.

A choice of javascript map controls:

ArcGIS Server Javascript Map Control and API – use ArcGIS online or your own content for a base map – Overlay arcGIS content

Use Microsoft Virtual earth Map control and API – use VE as a base map, overlay GIS

Google Maps JS Map control and API – use google maps as base map overlay your data

Demo: quickly create a mashup using your data (ArcGIS) on a Google maps basemap.

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