June 10, 2007

Google Street View fallout keeps coming from nose pickers, protesters etc...

wow, the fallout from Google Street Side maps just keep on coming. This time the Denver Post has a piece reminding readers to smile as they might be on "Google camera" - think candid camera the author notes. The fallout comes from people being caught on film picking their nose, protesting at an abortion clinic, showing their thong, or ??? Should be interesting to see where this one goes although I don't suspect it will disappear any time soon. % Cities have been mapped at the street level so far (work in progress) and no doubt more will be in the pipes - or will there be more? Until then the image editors tasked with blurring out people caught with "their pants down" etc... will be pretty busy - perhaps an application that can identify faces in imagery then automatically provides a pixelation algorithm could be quite useful. Recall Google street view has started with the following cities: San Francisco Bay area, New York, Las Vegas and Miami. On a side note, the 360 degree panoramas come to street view via technology provided by immersive media - see http://immersivemedia.com/ - this technology uses a way cool system of cameras mounted in a circular device that grabbed imagery from all around while it moves down the road - the company will be exhibiting at ESRI UC next week in San Diego booth #717

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