June 18, 2007

Notes fromm the ESRI UC opening session - GIS is becoming an instrument of Evolution

The morning kicked off with Jack’s welcome – he commented how his work is about our “new approach”. Your Work is creating a new approach was displayed on a slide behind Jack. He then highlighted a number of projects underway around the Globe.

Weather prediction maps from Korea

Visualizations created using ArcGIS explorer – examining the ozone

Managing natural resources – looking at geological structures

Maps and Charts for navigation, aeronotical charts

Maps of natural and human disasters

Landscape design, land use planning, property valuations

Management of facilities for wireless infrastructures

Conservation maps, bird corridors

Defence and homeland security – using a touch table in Moscow

Transportation analysis, planning, and analysis

Trip tips in San Diego

Businness geographics – providing the geographic advantage to help locate stores, competitive analysis, flood risk assessments

Human health apps – the influence of

GIS in the media eg Wolf Blitzer, CNN, Reuters – citizens providing services

The Enterprise Application Award was presented to Saudi Aramco – taking a social position of making Saudi Arabia a special place. Create a live and exciting workplace.. GIS is alive and well in the Middle East according to Dangermond.

President’s Award – The Nature Conservancy – creating a Global dataset of all the World’s habitats! One of Jack’s favorite org’s was selected for “his” award.

Dangermond discussed what he calls the geographic approach – this is why he got into Geography and GIS

Allows us to create knowledge

Allows us to analyze our measurements to describe change and model the future

Allows us to create and apply geographic knowledge

Allows us to act out in a logical, holistic framework.

Allows us to integrate geography and apply the geographic approach

Tools to support collaborative action

Spatial analysis integrating data sources from a wide array and corners of the Globe

Making better decisions – a methodology for making more efficient and better decisions.

Help save resources, communicate better through the visual dimension

“GIS is becoming an instrument of Evolution”

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