June 05, 2007

Oh the joy of going to the DMV!

Just went to renew my DL at the DMV.. ohmygodIhategoingtothetheDMV!! Gee, that would be a great url! I never seem to be amazed by the lineups, the disorganization, the endless waiting etc... with the technology we have access to its simply amazing that one can go into a DMV, take a little paper number (what is this a freaking bakery???) and come back several hours to see if your number has come up yet. I went into the DMV at around noon, grabbed ticket number 161 - they were currently serving customer number 93 - I assume they got there about 8 AM! The lady at the counter tells me to come back later if I want or simply call in while I'm away to see how the numbers are progressing. So, I leave and take the dog for the walk.. obviously I can't sit in there for 8 hours with the dog in the car. I come back after 1.5 hours or so... now serving number 116! So now I'm home, I'll head back over around 4 PM and see how things are coming. Amazing as it seems there's only one Dept or Rev. office that serves all of Ft Collins, Loveland, Windsor and surrounding areas... I guess I could hoof it south to Longmont but would I be any better... simply amazing! Hold on... let me call the number now to see what person is currently being served.... Gee, the number is busy... AGAIN! Stay tuned on my progress! Got any DMV tales to share???


Anonymous said...

Believe it or not, California DMV got their act together several years ago. Phone in or log on to make an appointment and show up at the appointed time and rarely wait more than 20 minutes. Of course the poor fools who just show up still must wait it out, but even then its 1-2 hours, never all day.

Anonymous said...

Took me a couple of tried before I figured the whole internet thing out, but yeah its the only way to go to the DMV today (well in california that is).
But it really beats me why the waiting lines at the DMV can be the biggest joke of all times, and that they never do anything about it (I even knew about it before I moved to the US!).