July 13, 2007

Apple iPhone to kick-start LBS... huh??

A newsletter recently hit my mailbox and contained the following headline...
Apple's iPhone will help bring consumer awareness to LBS applications and markets. However, the iPhone has no GPS capability, slow data speeds and limited memory.

I'm a bit confused.. how is the iPhone (and AT&T for that matter) going to kickstart LBS? If anything iPhone may help kick-start mobile gaming, mobile music and mobile entertainment here in North America but LBS?? The author stated the limitations of the device (like no GPS - heck, there's no video either) but I'm supposed to believe that iPhone will spur the onset of LBS like we've never seen before? iPhone is indeed bringing smartphone awareness to the North American user ( a great thing for developers) but without an SDK or an open API for developers I won't hold my breath for the location-services... Symbian S60 and the Nokia N95 will do that!

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