July 19, 2007

Ave Maria Florida - Catholic Town or University Town... huh?

I'm always interested in following the development and growth of planned communities (think of Seaside Florida as a good example). Planned from the get go, these communities are developed in accordance to a detailed blueprint, setting the tone for ground breaking, building, and future development.. now some communities are even planning for social issues.. case in point, the newly "opened"Town of Ave Maria Florida - A University Town if you speak to any of the town planners or officials... a Catholic town if you read any of the news reports about it.

The Town of Ave Maria (near Naples) is believed to be the first modern town to be developed in conjunction with a University. When completed, the Town will contain some 11,000 residential dwellings in a wide variety of price ranges and neighborhoods. From rental apartments to condominiums, and from starter to estate homes, Ave Maria will offer something for nearly everyone.

Interesting to note that the town has essentially been developed as a "catholic" community, however, in news reports and interviews it seems that town officials are dodging that "bullet" stating that its a community built around a University and not a Catholic community at all. Of note, planning on setting up a business there? You'll be asked at town officials to consider not selling contraceptives! See below for an image from the town's website. The Catholic church is the focal point and center of the town. I guess this the result of planning 2.0 - the next wave in urban planning - see http://www.avemaria.com

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FacingTheSharks said...

That makes for a pretty interesting picture from an arial view, but a town centered around a church? What happens if you aren't Catholic? I guess you wouldn't want to move there.

That's also an interesting church structure. When I first saw the picture, I thought it was some kind of industrial place.