July 22, 2007

More on the Google purchase of orthoimagery provider, ImageAmerica

No doubt you've likely heard that Google has made another acquisition.. this time its a provider of high-quality ortho-imagery, ImageAmerica.. that's spelled as one word. From the company's press from a couple of years ago...  ImageAmerica, a leading provider of high quality digital orthoimagery, has provided rapid access to up-to-date imagery of the Hurricane Katrina disaster area. Using the latest digital camera system, along with the ER Mapper's ECW compression, ImageAmerica was able to deliver imagery to government emergency services teams for their coordinated relief efforts. This is a sample of what kind of projects the company has worked on in the past. Back in the day, I used to run loads of othro imagery project news announcements for the company... at that time the COO was a gentleman named Tom Maher...
Some info from the "About the company" section... Founded in 1998, ImageAmerica manufactures and operates the DDP series of digital mapping cameras and is a leading nationwide provider of high-resolution digital orthoimagery. Utilizing proven new technologies, ImageAmerica provides local government customers across the country 6-inch to 1-foot resolution, map accurate, countywide orthoimagery at a cost and in a time frame not previously available. New six-inch resolution imagery, collected with ImageAmerica's patented Direct Digital Camera system, was conducted over a number of years for many cities and county governments.
According to past news releases the company was located at the following address:
200 S. Hanley RD, STE 1050
Clayton, MO 63105
Word of Google's purchase of ImageAmerica was first reported on the Google LatLong blog. See http://google-latlong.blogspot.com/2007/07/imaging-america.html - No doubt this purchase will lend to support the offerings offered via Google Earth and Google's other mapping products and services. Hey Tom.. .give me a ring if your still with the company ;0)

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