July 11, 2007

Nokia N800 Internet Tablet + Skype = way cool!

Today the already way cool Nokia N800 Internet Tablet just got much cooler. This Linux powered Tablet enables users to browse the web and communicate with others easily anywhere in the World that offers up a Wi-Fi connection. Now users of the tablet can take advantage of Skype which is now supporting the device. See http://www.symbianone.com/content/view/4645/108/ for details and see also www.nseries.com for more from Nokia.

Some features of the way cool N800:
Opera 8
Adobe® Flash® 9 browser plug-in
Internet communications
Skype support
Internet calling with integrated webcamera
Instant Messaging
Multi-protocol email client
Full screen finger keyboard
Access to internet media at home and on-the-go
High quality stereo speakers
Media player
UPnP architecture
Real Rhapsody
Expandable mass memory
Volume: 137 cc
Weight: 206 g
High-resolution touch screen (800 x 480 pixels) with up to 65,536 colors
Flash 256MB, 128 MiniSD with extender included
Browsing time- up to 3.5 hours
Standby time- up to 13 days
WLAN: 802.11b/g
Bluetooth specification: 2.0.
Nokia AV connector 3.5mm
USB 2.0 high speed device mode for PC connectivity

It may not be an iPhone, but then again it doesn't cost $600 either - AND it runs Linux OS!

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