July 17, 2007

Take your Google MyMaps or KML with you using TakeItWithMe - Garmin GPS support

Now that Google has officially released Google Mapplets, users can now easily create their own cool mashups and save using the handy Google MyMaps functionality. Well, imagine if you could take the content (points, lines, polygons) from your Google MyMaps, convert that data and take it with you on the road using your Garmin handheld. No problemmo thanks to a slick application called TakeItWithMe. Simply create your google maps, copy and paste the url of your maps into a dialog using the TakeItWithMe conversion routine and there you have it! The developers also have some funky KML translation routines developed as well so you can also take your Google Earth data with you now as well. This niofty app is featured in a spotlight found at http://www.gisuser.com/content/view/12164/ - thanks to Deann from EarthNC.com for providing me with the heads up on his app - did I mention that this is a free service?

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