July 25, 2007

There's never been an iPod that can...

Have you seen the latest commercial from Apple for the iPhone. IT goes on... there's never been an iPod that can do this..." and then shows browsing photos, looking at contacts, looking at your music and videos, and finally, making a call. But, there's also never been an iPod that will cost a user more than $2240 to use it for a minimal 2 year contract period! (based on $600 price tag for 8GB model, $200 contract buyout that a typical customer will pay to get out of a contract with another carrier and jump to AT&T, and $60 month iPhone contract). Is there an SDK for this thing yet??

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James Fee said...

Glenn, I think the whole point of the iPhone is that there is no SDK and there never will.

If you want to make an application work on the iPhone, make sure it works on Safari. I bet you anything this is why Zillow just announced that they now support Safari.