July 11, 2007

Two GIS Companies From Pacific NW Merge to form GCS Holdings Inc.

This news out of Missoula, MT and  Bend, Oregon as our friend Alex Philp shares details...  GCS Research LLC. and Geo-Spatial Solutions Inc. today announced a strategic merger and combination of resources and assets under GCS Holdings Inc.  The combined assets of GCS Holdings Inc. (GCS) represent a nationally recognized, award-winning portfolio of products, services and solutions.
GCS features two key product offerings, both based on industry leading ESRI technology.  GeoMarc® is the most advanced offering today for digital watermarking in a geospatial context tied to the ESRI ArcGIS infrastructure, specifically for desktop, server and web-based geospatial data transactions, services and management.  GeoIrrigation™ is the industry’s leading hosted web-based GIS solution for irrigation and water resource managers.
GCS will now maintain offices in Montana, Oregon (Bend and Portland), Washington, Colorado, and Vermont with expansion objectives including the Washington D.C. area to better serve federal civilian and Department of Defense/Intelligence customers.  See www.gcs-research.com & www.gcs-research.net - details of the merger found at http://www.gisuser.com/content/view/12119/

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